Charles Wilcox

Charles Wilcox has had a love affair with the ocean since his first steps into the waves. His artwork reflects his passion for water, sand and sun, and his works pay homage to the unpredictable nature of the sea. Prior to pursuing a full time career in art, Charles ran survival courses and outdoor expeditions. During this time he travelled to remote locations and began experimenting with sculpture and painting using materials collected on his trips. From a young age, a hunter-gatherer ideology has influenced his life and work, from free-diving for seafood to collecting driftwood and reinstating discarded items to new glory.

“My sculptures and paintings are a representation of everything I love about the sea, adventure and travel. I hike, dive and explore the most rugged and remote coastlines of Australia, sometimes hiring light aircraft to give me access to the most isolated beaches. I select materials that are shaped by the harsh elements of the environment to use in my artworks. Washed-up driftwood, flotsam and jetsam found by chance on secluded beaches that survives a journey across vast oceans, corrugated iron and other salvaged building materials scorched by sun and hammered by storms – I love it all. Featuring these items and their story in my art is a real motivator for me”.

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