Helen Richards

Helen Richards originally trained in Textiles but this gave way a love of painting landscapes in acrylics and mixed media. Her love of the ocean, the birds, tropical rainforests, gardens and the animals on her farm and local surrounds are the major influences in her artwork. Helen’s textile training is still evident in the strong sense of pattern, texture and colour that enrich her work.

Her energetic painting process includes the spontaneous application of colour and texture onto the canvas using stencils, cardboard shapes and a variety of brushes. Working in reverse, sections of the background are then painted out to reveal Helen’s stylised interpretation of the landscape. The artworks are lively, inviting the viewer through a sense of play, to reconnect with nature and not take life too seriously.

Helen’s art training includes attending many workshops, a Bachelor of Education, an Associate Diploma in Visual Arts (Textile and Design) and Grad Dip in Business Communication (Film and TV), and she has been a loved visual arts educator for the last 30 years, teaching both in Australia and overseas. Helen has exhibited in S E Queensland and in and around the Bundaberg region. Her paintings are in collections from Cairns to Melbourne and she is currently represented by Revival Art and Design at Albion, Brisbane, Rivendale Gallery, Esk, and Underart Gallery, Cairns.

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