Dance With Me


Artist: iefje Boissevain

Medium: mixed media

Size: 715 x 295mm


The original artwork you see here, comes from a very long, slow and meticulous technique made up of many overlays.

The process begins on a solid timber frame covered with ply, which then has all the different coatings applied. The first layers can include textured compounds, fabrics, papers, sand, bark, and driftwood. I recently have added fresh herbs, seed pods and other foliage from my gardens. Anything that will create texture really.

Then I use different types of paint, inks, metallic leaf, again layering each product, to create a vibrant and glowing piece of contemporary art.

Finally, the entire work is covered with 4 or 5 generous coats of UV resistant high gloss resin, which adds a rich appeal to the captivating artwork.

Original Piece
This is a 'one off' original artwork, hand crafted by the artist.
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The Artist

iefje Boissevain

“unconventional, flamboyant, tactile works of art” They say there are many different levels of artistic expression… and it seems without doubt Cairns-based artist, iefje Boissevain has embodied dozens of these in her diverse and unique collections. Within her collections you can see quite a diversity of colour, texture, application and mood in each painting. It’s as though they are the creations of several talented artists. Each painting is linked through instinct and an intuitive process by this self taught artist. iefje’s art is about living life – passion, experimentatio...