Riverbank Glow


Artist: Robyn Schuberg

Medium: mixed media

Size: 1020 x 760mm

“The changing light has always brought me inspiration, transforming magically a sometimes rather colourless landscape in the middle of the day into a scene of great beauty when evening or morning light changes the shadows and the sun highlights riverbanks leaves and branches.

I capture it quickly with a few watercolour washes before the memory fades.

Returning to the studio I love to transpose those glorious hues onto a beautiful white canvas.” – Robyn



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Original Piece
This is a 'one off' original artwork, hand crafted by the artist.
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The Artist

Robyn Schuberg

Robyn Schuberg lives on the northern beaches of Cairns in Far North Queensland. Robyn had always been passionately and emotionally influenced in her artistic expression by her environment her love of animals, birds and the landscape. Daily she is overcome by this spectacular part of the world and compelled to express her passion for it in an all embracing pursuit in painting the emotion she experiences. Her current diverse collection of work is a cognitive representation of the reef, the rainforest, and the beaches. The work is executed in acrylic paint on canvas throwing washes and buildin...