Satellites in Space


Artist: iefje Boissevain

Medium: Mixed media / resin

Size: 1400 x 205 mm

“In recent years, I have added my own new style – I have experimenting with mixed media and resin
to get the ultimate result, in my opinion anyway ,which you see here now.
I am very happy with this formula, which I have perfected. I use many different materials and tools.
Some materials include moulding compounds, gold leaf, copper leaf, silver leaf, acrylic paints, oil
paints and inks, all in the same artwork, but very layered so they are compatible.
As well as papers, fabrics , sand and other things that create the textures for each unique artwork.
The process is slow and tedious requiring lots of patience. My passion is colour and the result is a
unique piece of very original artwork of high quality and durability, only available at UnderArt
I can do personalised commission artworks of specific size and colour combinations. Feel free to get
in touch and discuss.”

Original Piece
This is a 'one off' original artwork, hand crafted by the artist.
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The Artist

iefje Boissevain

“unconventional, flamboyant, tactile works of art” They say there are many different levels of artistic expression… and it seems without doubt Cairns-based artist, iefje Boissevain has embodied dozens of these in her diverse and unique collections. Within her collections you can see quite a diversity of colour, texture, application and mood in each painting. It’s as though they are the creations of several talented artists. Each painting is linked through instinct and an intuitive process by this self taught artist. iefje’s art is about living life – passion, experimentatio...