The Expanding Mind


Artist: Craig Martin

Medium: Watercolour, graphic pen, acrylic

Size: 920 x 720mm (including frame)

“I just love this piece. I wanted to capture a simple image that spoke volumes as I attempted to share my value in seeing the bigger picture. It is a tribute to the philosophical explorer in us all. The snow represents the pure mind that we must first access to be able to grow beyond our current awareness. Not ‘pure’ as in innocent but as in the mind which is cleaned of all preconceived notions of what is right and wrong and is open to the cosmic mysteries that await us.”

Original Piece
This is a 'one off' original artwork, hand crafted by the artist.
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The Artist

Craig Martin

Craig and his insightful and unique imagination have been evolving since the age of 5. Now, as a master story artist, Craig creates worlds rich with meaning that offer a sense of understanding, awe and wonder. His paintings speak to the heart, sharing wordless volumes with a single picture. Craig is a professional artist, illustrator and 3D animator and shares his art with an international audience....