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Gifts with soul, each piece hand selected with love by us.


Artist Spotlight

Julie Hutchings

I am predominantly an oil painter. The human figure is one of my main sources of inspiration ..I facilitate Life Drawing sessions once a week in Grafton. A strong drawing will form the bones of a good painting therefore most of my time is dedicated to this discipline. My paintings develop from a deep emotional state, whether from current situations or something from the past. I have a very strong connection to the land & a love of animals, this reflects in my art. I don't always have a preconceived idea of what I want to paint. I start by drawing in charcoal, making marks & gest...
Artist Spotlight

Beau Pennefather Motlop

I was born in Auckland, Aotearoa (New Zealand) but moved to Gimuy (Cairns), Far North Queensland when I was eight years old. My background includes Aboriginal from the Jirrbal tribe of the Surrounding Gimuy and Hinterland region, ZENADTH KES (Torres strait Islands) descendance from the Wagedoegam Koedal (Crocodile) clan of Mabuiag Island as well as Ngapuhi from Aotearoa. My Torres Strait Island Totems are the Crocodile, Snake, Stonefish and Remora. My Aboriginal Totem is the Dingo. 2006 is when I started to take my art practice seriously and began experimenting with various mediums inclu...
Artist Spotlight

Craig Martin

Craig and his insightful and unique imagination have been evolving since the age of 5. Now, as a master story artist, Craig creates worlds rich with meaning that offer a sense of understanding, awe and wonder. His paintings speak to the heart, sharing wordless volumes with a single picture. Craig is a professional artist, illustrator and 3D animator and shares his art with an international audience....
Artist Spotlight

iefje Boissevain

“unconventional, flamboyant, tactile works of art” They say there are many different levels of artistic expression… and it seems without doubt Cairns-based artist, iefje Boissevain has embodied dozens of these in her diverse and unique collections. Within her collections you can see quite a diversity of colour, texture, application and mood in each painting. It’s as though they are the creations of several talented artists. Each painting is linked through instinct and an intuitive process by this self taught artist. iefje’s art is about living life – passion, experimentatio...

What our customers are saying

iefje has created an amazing piece of artwork capturing the essence of our home and its surroundings. It is a truly beautiful and unique. We love it!!

Paul & Cathy Bugeja – Cairns

We fell in love with this unique gallery the moment we walked through the door in 2013 . An amazing show of local artwork and decorative pieces that simply takes your breath away. A true art gallery offering something very different . We’ve been UnderArt fans ever since.

Graeme & Joyce – Sydney

We have three amazing prints of Alex Platt’s beautiful originals. iefje Boissevain has assisted us to add to this collection all the way from Sydney. Her service is legendary.

Mark – Sydney

I so enjoy coming to Cairns to visit your shop. It’s beautifully presented, and your staff are so welcoming and patient as I debate over the many options – whether it be a piece of jewellery or more art for the walls. Your shop reflects your passion and soul, and you deserve every success. I can’t wait to come up to Cairns to see all the new treasures you’ve been ...

Bev & Dave – Syndey

My first impression when seeing Iefje’s paintings for the first timewas ‘wow’. I love her choice of colours and the mix of mediums she chooses for her paintings. They make for a good conversational subject as well as a visual delight. I love mine.

Chris – Cairns Coatings -, Westcourt

I had a difficult time finding the right painting to place on the feature wall of our CBD apartment because the entire apartment is painted antique yellow and we have an existing art collection that varies in style a lot. I needed something show-stopping, but not clashing. I had been looking for over three years, until I discovered Iefje’s Under Art Gallery. Thanks to her creative talent and fabulous artwork ...

Kim Crowther – Cairns

Having discovered Under Art Gallery, we are now the proud owners of four of Iefje’s original works which take pride of place in our home. These paintings exude an energy that permeates the room in a comforting way. Upon meeting Iefje, it is clear that the warmth and glow of her paintings are a true reflection of her own character and passion.

Mandy and Peter – Carins

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