Julie Hutchings

I am predominantly an oil painter. The human figure is one of my main sources
of inspiration ..I facilitate Life Drawing sessions once a week in Grafton. A
strong drawing will form the bones of a good painting therefore most of my
time is dedicated to this discipline. My paintings develop from a deep emotional
state, whether from current situations or something from the past. I have a very
strong connection to the land & a love of animals, this reflects in my art. I don’t
always have a preconceived idea of what I want to paint. I start by drawing in
charcoal, making marks & gestures. I continue to develop the process by
drawing & painting & eliminating, that’s when the ideas start to present
themselves & a narrative begins to emerge. Social & political issues do
influence my work from time to time. When I paint I concentrate only on my
own aesthetics & what I want to convey. All the time maintaining the
spontaneity & movement to eventually tell a story with energy, expression &

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