Sue Adams

Self-taught, Sue is a South Australian artist who takes inspiration from many hours soaking up the sunshine and the amazing views to be found whilst travelling to visit daughters now living in Cairns and Sydney.
Whilst exploring this amazing countryside Sue is captivated and inspired by her love of nature and the colours that surrounds us daily. This is easily reflected in each of her latest pieces. Sue’s favourite and only medium is oils as she is fascinated in the depth of colours that she can create and combine.
Sue has been drawn back to painting after a recent bout of ill health and has found the therapeutic side of art extremely peaceful and rewarding. Her paintings seem to always capture the feeling of tranquility which helps delve you into her world and the many places she has explored.
Sue recently commented that she has had the privilege of a life of creativity and has learnt that life is complex and can change quickly, she looks forward to where her art can once again take her. Sue’s new found optimism and passion for art as therapy and her continual desire to create shows in all the pieces she has created and show the sense of tranquility now in her life shines.
Sue’s original artworks have found homes in many countries
around the world including the UK, Canada, United Emirates and all across Australia.

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