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iefje Boissevain & UnderArt Gallery

iefje Boissevain started out in the art world by crafting hand made jewellery. For 16 years she created jewelled wonders for bridal fashion shops and had a very successful business supplying over 55 outlets in major cities. Wanting a change and tired of dealing with so many businesses iefje sold up and moved to Cairns in 1999. She then started a new business painting faux and feature walls on a commercial basis. She was very successful and her creativity led her to devise richer and more intricate styles. She had people commission her for her unique patterns and creative flair. iefje would create canvas works in her spare time following on from her faux painting techniques and found theree was a demand for her work. From these humble beginnings came the start of what is now the UnderArt Gallery.

The Secret to Our Success

The gallery has been slowly evolving for the past seven years. Having started with very little more than hopes and dreams it now boasts a large international client base and the works of several of the region’s most promising artists that all reflect a certain chic and ecclectic style that is quintessential of iefje herself.

There is a lot more to it than just art. iefje has added a large range of unique and eclectic jewellery. Sourced from all over Australia it is available for purchase both on and off line. In addition she now creates cutlery, hand painted crockery, knick knacks, giftwares and more all with her hallmark style intact. A creature of evolution, the UnderArt Gallery has been forged from the observance of consumer demand.  Therefore it is ever changing to meet the ongoing needs of her clients, both new and long standing.

Be sure to drop in and see, not only the changing art works, but the changes in the gallery itself.