Alex Platt

I am an Australian artist that paints surrealistic works. I work with acrylic paints on canvas although I often use whatever I can get my hands on. My works are typically small canvases built up with many fine layers of acrylic paint. Each layer produces a new level of definition.

I like to create interesting contrasts using fine line detail for the foreground images and expressive textures and dribbles in the empty space in which the scenes are set.

I use the world and people around me as inspiration for my works. I am compelled to create scenes that involve unreal poetic representations of the ideas and feelings i experience. Some paintings, however, are improvised, beginning as nothing more than a desire to paint. The concepts of these works often evolve out of the painting process.

I have had no formal training in art, beyond High School, and wish to pave my own path of learning through life experience and concentrating on learning new techniques through experimentation and learning from fellow artists.

I have an understanding that in today’s world, without certifications and qualifications you are not taken as seriously, but for me my art has never been something I have needed to be taught. It is a natural process, and to take that away would also take away its appeal. I want to show a side of myself that is personal, strange and yet unavoidable. It is influences by the physical world, the world inside my head and the people and things within those worlds.

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