iefje Boissevain

“unconventional, flamboyant, tactile works of art”

They say there are many different levels of artistic expression… and it seems without doubt Cairns-based artist, iefje Boissevain has embodied dozens of these in her diverse and unique collections.
Within her collections you can see quite a diversity of colour, texture, application and mood in each painting.
It’s as though they are the creations of several talented artists. Each painting is linked through instinct and an intuitive process by this self taught artist.

iefje’s art is about living life – passion, experimentation and the power of being uninhibited in creativity.

iefje is no stranger to the art world – for the past fourteen years she has been selling her unique works, all which generally embody the spirit of abstract urban living.

Bold, sophisticated and chic……….

The result is not only outstandingly different and intensely appealing but it is a work of art that tells a myriad of stories and fits snugly into the subtext of a dozen emotions, like it was designed with those in mind.

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