Moving Gecko Pendant


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Step into the world of unique nature-inspired jewelry with our Sterling Silver Moving Gecko Pendant. This striking piece is a must-have for lovers of exotic animal-themed accessories and admirers of high-quality sterling silver jewellery.

Our pendant is meticulously handcrafted from premium 925 sterling silver, known for its enduring shine and durability. The design captures the lively form of a gecko lizard, renowned for its agility and adaptability. What sets this pendant apart is its articulated structure, allowing the gecko to move just like the real creature.

This Sterling Silver Moving Gecko Pendant is more than a piece of jewellery; it’s an embodiment of the wearer’s love for nature and appreciation for unique, dynamic designs. Wearing this pendant allows you to carry a piece of the wild with you, adding an exciting touch to your accessory collection.

This pendant serves as a remarkable gift for those who love wildlife, unusual jewellery, or anyone who appreciates the detailed craftsmanship of sterling silver pieces.

Add this captivating Sterling Silver Moving Gecko Pendant to your collection today, and let your style move and adapt just like the fascinating creature it represents.

Approx size: 35 x 15mm

*chain sold separately

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This is a 'one off' original artwork, hand crafted by the artist.
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