Jacana Chick on Lilypad


Artist: Lucy Geijskes

Medium: pencil

Size: 620 x 445mm (incl. frame)

Discover the mesmerising charm of this pencil drawing of a Jacana Chick on a Lilypad, meticulously crafted by our artist Lucy. Perfectly capturing the enchanting essence of this unique bird, the artwork transports you into a world of serene natural beauty. With a graceful agility unique to its kind, the Jacana chick treads lightly across a lilypad. Each step is a delicate dance, a testament to the chick’s innate ability to navigate its aquatic world. This harmonious interaction between creature and nature, captured meticulously in Lucy’s pencil drawing, lends an additional layer of charm and realism. Experience the captivating sight of the Jacana chick’s lilypad walk – a vibrant display of nature’s artistry, intricately rendered by Lucy’s skilful hand.

Original Piece
This is a 'one off' original artwork, hand crafted by the artist.
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The Artist

Lucy Geijskes

I have lived in Tropical Far North Queensland for most of my adult life, growing up in Townsville and moving to Cairns as a teenager with my Mum. Since then, I have lived in a few places across Australia but have always returned to this beautiful part of the world. Here, I am surrounded by World Heritage rainforest and amazing fauna that is not found anywhere else in the world. Inspiration is easy to find. As a child, I loved the natural world and after leaving school I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Zoology. I am a self-taught artist and have developed my skills while balanci...